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At qyobo we’re convinced that your job as a buyer or sales(wo)man should be a fun and fulfilling experience. Having worked in large multi-national companies ourselves, we know firsthand that often little time is left to run the powerful and fun analyses you’ve dreamed about.

Often, the root cause is time-consuming preparation of data scattered across the web and various internal IT systems. For this reason, we developed a solution that enables you to focus on analyses and insights instead of tedious, time-burning tasks like data gathering, aggregation and harmonization.

About Qyobo

Razor-sharp insights

enabled by our proprietary algorithms boosting your ability to analyze large amounts of data and achieve negotiation targets

Easy collaboration and management

analyses and screens can be easily updated and shared among your colleagues while protecting sensitive data through user access control

Tailored to your needs

qyobo aims to fulfill your aspirations both on impact and efficiency of your job. Have an idea for an additional feature? Share feedback and we’ll get right on it!

Unique coverage of
harmonized data

previously spread in multiple “data silos” across the web